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Quei "guardarobieri" giocatori di rubamazzetto di Eazye, Alfio Garozzo, Pino il Postino, Tony Motorello ed Erminio Ottone è qui che vengono a pettinare le bambole.

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for the Glee Xmas episode of Community some kickin’ ass Childish Gambino feat A.B.E.D. Time!

We call this one “Balance”. ( )





rido moltissimo, Abed è perfetto.




Summer Glau in Knights Of Badassdom

A movie about live-action role players conjuring up a demon from hell by mistake and having to deal with the consequences? Sign me up! And the cast is exciting! Summer Glau! Steve Zahn! Ryan Kwanten! Peter Dinklage! Danny Pudi! Also ridiculously excited to see Michael Gladis (Kinsey from Mad Men) play someone called King Diamond.

Shirley: We barely saw you this week, Abed. What have you been up to?
Abed: Not much.

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"let me explain…"


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Troy & Abed Feat. Professor June Bauer,


Troy and Abed Feat. Professor Bauer (Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, and Betty White) - Anthropology Rap

My new ringtone. If you want the ringtone yourself, the link is below. There’s an mp3 and m4r(for iPhones) in the zip.


Praise be to sexidance for trimming it for me.

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Community Season 2 Ending

Anthropology Rap.

brodeep: Troy and Abed.

brodeep: Troy and Abed.

Community cast @ SDCC ‘10

Community cast @ SDCC ‘10