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Quei "guardarobieri" giocatori di rubamazzetto di Eazye, Alfio Garozzo, Pino il Postino, Tony Motorello ed Erminio Ottone è qui che vengono a pettinare le bambole.

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Dirty Randy! 

I got a young kid here decorated sniper in Iraq war, army ranger, I don’t know how many kills he had, always looking to kill somebody else, probably got PTSD, probably an alcoholic. Not a matter of if that powder keg is gonna blow but when.

I got a lady marshal here brought in two of the top 15 fugitives to this office, but she’s always trying to prove herself. I thought she was gonna be the one that would take this office over after I got ready to retire, but now she’s left her husband. So, it’s gonna be fun to monitor her emotional state over the next year — see if she can keep it together.

Then I got a local boy born in Harlan county, been investigated so many times internal
affairs has got him on speed dial. Father’s in prison for murdering two people, including a state trooper, and his daddy killed somebody else last night in prison, and I get to be the one to tell him about it.

Art describing Lexington U.S. Marshal Office

John Luther vs Raylan Givens?

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I want ‘em together in a super series mashup crossover by BBC and FX

and Raylan answer was “I can’t believe it either”


so nice

The Americans on FX

The League

The League


ah ah ah