Diamo voce al silenzio

Quei "guardarobieri" giocatori di rubamazzetto di Eazye, Alfio Garozzo, Pino il Postino, Tony Motorello ed Erminio Ottone è qui che vengono a pettinare le bambole.

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Pleat Box by Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah for Marset

Angels!!! #nofilter

Super RV through the light


This is the first 360-degree project for the studio founded in 2010


Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis | Arthouse apertures

“…A new form of aperture, based on accumulation and density, was developed to unify the building and create a logical yet unconventional facade appropriate for an experimental art venue. The southern and eastern elevations are perforated by 177 glass blocks, which are lodged in the existing masonry.”

Read more about Arthouse at the Jones Center in LTL’s Intensities, available November 2012.

quelle belle boutique



french lamps (Gras on the wall, Petite Friture on the ceiling)



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